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Melanotan 2 Nasal Spray - a great alternative to injectionsContents will contain;2 x Melanotan 2 10mg (2 vials)1 x Nasal Spray Bottle1 x Sterile Water (5ml)1 x Alcohol Wipe1 x Syringe (for mixing)Nasal spray fits perfectly for people who dislike injections or just don't like the idea of painful skin penetrations. The spray, however, is only about 30-40% as effective when compared to injection.We make up for that by selling Melanotan 2 nasal spray in packs that contain 2 bottles with 10mg of spray each. The standard dosage is two sprays every 2 days. How to mix Melanotan Nasal Spray?Melanotan 2 nasal spray is sold in its unmixed state if you buy it from Pure Melanotan. After properly combining all the contents of the pack, it has to be stored in a fridge. Keeping it anywhere else for more than 4 weeks would affect its potency.1- Open the bottle of Melanotan and clean the top using an alcohol wipe2- Open the sterile waster and fill the syringe to the maximum3- Stick the syringe into the melanotan bottle and push the water into it 4- Do the last 2 steps again5- Gently swirl your Melanotan bottle after adding the sterile water6 - Do the same with the 2nd bottle of Melanotan 7- Using the syringe take the mixture out of those vials and place carefully into the nasal spray bottle.8- Add the remaining sterile waster into the nasal spray bottle Melanotan 2 Nasal Spray dosage: 2 sprays once per dayNumber of doses per kit: 20 days worth of mix to use once per day. Use 2 sprays per day for faster results.

Nasal Spray - 2 Vials

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