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Melanotan 2 tanning injections for sale – The wow factor for your skin

It’s deeply ingrained in history that bronzed skin is a token of beauty. There’s one caveat: what is perceived as gorgeous often requires a great deal of effort to top up and may even wreak havoc on your health. Getting a tan in the sun and increased cancer risk are two sides of the same coin. That’s also true for sunbeds that fake UV light to be a healthier alternative, but they are just as chancy. So, do you need to abstain from tanning to stay safe? Not necessarily. Consider Melanotan injections for sale that will let you benefit from sunless tanning at its best.

AWe carry Melanotan 2 (MT2) vials, all-in-one kits and nasal sprays that all share one mechanism of action. Once used, they trigger melanogenesis, a process associated with the increased production of melanin. It is this pigment that makes your skin darker – just like it’d appear when exposed to direct sunlight.

Why may you want to start Melanotan 2 in Australia?

One way to get tanned is to sprawl at a beach for days on end. But is it best for you? Lying in the sun can do more harm than good by:

  • causing your skin to sag

  • increasing your chances of being covered with brown spots, wrinkles and other blemishes

  • exposing you to sunburn risks

  • accelerating the ageing process

  • increase the production of melanin

If you choose to buy tanning injections like MT2, though, you can avoid “playing with fire” and keep your skin healthy, plus this substance delivers a smooth tan with minimal UV exposure, making sure you’re not compromising your youthful look. After completing a tanning  injection course with Melanotan 2, you will sport a head-turning glow with no sunburn, unsightly spots and wrinkles, just a beautiful natural tan.

Our tanning injections for sale work in conjunction with sunbeds. With tanning injections you minimise overexposure-related risks that occur when using artificial UV light to get glowing skin.

Whats your skin type and see how many vials of Melanotan will you need? Take the Skin Type Quiz!

An important part of tanning and using Melanotan 2 is knowing you skin type this will help you gauge your expectations.  There are many factor which add up from each of the below choose the correct answer for you and top up your total:

Step 1. Your appearance:

What’s your eye colour?:Light blue, light grey or light green =  0 pointsBlue, grey or green = 1 pointlight brown (maybe light hazel) = 2 pointsDark Brown = 3 pointsAlmost Black = 4 points

What’s colour is your hair naturally?:Red (Ginger), auburn or almost white = 0 pointsBlonde = 1 pointDark blonde (also known as Mousy) or light brown = 2Dark Brown = 3 pointsBlack = 4 points

Whats your natural skin colour without tanning?:White = 0 pointsFair  = 1 pointFair to beige with golden undertone = 2 pointsOlive  or light brown = 3Dark brown or black = 4

How many freckles do you have on unexposed areas of your skin?:Many = 0Several in clustered areas = 1 pointsA few  scattered= 2 pointsUnnoticeable = 3 pointsZero = 4 points

2. How do you react to sun exposure?

When out in the sun you:Always burns, (maybe you get blisters) and peel taking you back to square 1 = 0 pointsSometimes (more often than not) burns (sometimes blisters) and peels = 1 pointBurn slightly = 2 pointsVery rarely burn = 3 pointsYou never burn regardless of the length of time in the sun = 4 points

How easy is it for you to get a tan?Never  = 0 pointsOn the rare occasion= 1 pointPerhaps sometimes = 2 pointsOften you achieve a tan = 3 pointsAlways tan with no issues = 4 points

How deep of a tan do you achieve?Very little if you are lucky = 0 pointsA minimal change of colour = 1 pointA light golden tan = 2 pointsA deep golden tan = 3 pointsNaturally dark skinned = 4 points

Is your face sensitive to the sun?Yes very = 0 pointsSensitive  but iI can handle it= 1 pointGoes brown but is sensitive at times = 2 pointsI go brown with no issues= 3 pointsI’ve never had a problem = 4 points

What is your skintype? Want to know your skintype? Just simply add up the points you scored.

If you scored 0-6 points you’re skin Type I:You never tan and always burn  Your skin has barely any melanin, and thus can provide no natural protection against the sun. we would suggest 3-4 vials will get you to the colour you’d like (this is often less but we air on the side of caution)

If you scored 7-12 points you’re skin Type 2 You burn easily and almost never tan.  You normally have to take you time and build up very slowly, 2-3 vials of Melanotan should help you acheive the colour you like.

If you scored 13-18 points your are skin Type 3(You sometimes are able to tan  and are aware you may burn,  2 vials should help you get a decent tan

If you scored 19-24 points  you are skin type 4 You tan quite easily and rarely burn. You achieve a tan that you set out for 1-2 vials should help you achieve a good tan

If you scored 25-30 points you are skin type 5 You alway get a great tan, Melanotan will help you get the results your require faster with less UV exposure a 1 vial tanning injection kit should get you there quicker than normal

If you scored more than 31 points or more you are skin type 6 You are naturally dark skinned, often with a type 6 there would be no need for you to use Melanotan 2, however some customers have said it has still enhances their natural colouring.

We receive many emails mainly from people who have read up about melanotan on bodybuilder forums and they are confused when the the guys from the  forum state they take xxxmcg (microgram) per day.

We keep it simple. Why? The majority of people who use Melanotan have not injected anything else (other than melanotan) previously. A powder is measured in mg (milligrams the weight of the product), however, once turned into a solution it is then measured in ml (millilitres). We suggest you add a minimum of 1 full syringe (1ml) of water into the powder once dissolved this will give you 1ml of mixed tanning solution and as it is a 10 day course per vial 1ml / 10 uses means each time you would use 0.1ml.

So why do we say some people add a little more water when mixing? There’s a couple of reasons, the first, this may help with people who are a little sensitive to the injections a higher diluted solution may help reduce the initial side affects (facial flushing, nausea, increased libido etc.). The second , as it’s a very small amount of solution you are drawing into the syringe often people add the slightest amount more (often without realising) the extra water added covers this and ensure 10 doses (minimum) are available per vial.

When the above are followed correctly the melanin production in your body will be increased.

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