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Duration and effectiveness - Melanotan 2 Australia

Many people generally ask how much time it takes to show results. There is no fix time to see the results and largely depends on your natural skin colour and how much UV exposure you are getting. Generally most people will see excellent results by the end of 20mg (2 vials) of Melanotan II, although some see results from as little as 5-10mg - which equates to being as quick as 7-10 days of beginning their injections. Those with extremely fair skin will need more Melanotan II to see initial results and most likely won’t see optimal results until 4-5 weeks of usage. The average time for great tanning results is 2-3 weeks assuming Melanotan II is combined with a sufficient amount of UV exposure. You need to spend about 20 to 40 minutes time in suna week or if you are using sun bed then 5 to 10 minutes are sufficient. If it is taking a longer period to develop your tan then you need more amount of UV exposure. The more UV exposure you get the faster and darker your tan will develop.

“When starting out always use 30+ sunscreen on sensitive areas such as the face and neck. Because these areas are frequently exposed to UV rays they are more responsive to the melanin producing effects of MelanotanII and therefore will become darker quicker than the rest of the body. Covering these areas initially will allow other parts of the body to tan first, ensuring you achieve a well balanced tan.”

If you completely quit using Melanotan, your colour will fade gradually just like a natural tan would. It should take about three months before your colour is completely gone appose to about 4 weeks when Melanotan is not used. Instead of letting it fade and then going through the loading process again, most customers prefer to take a dose once or twice a week to maintain their colour.


There have been some side effects reported while using Melanotan 2, typically these effects appear during the first few days of dosing and will become increasingly less obvious as the body adjusts to the peptide. Most users will experience at least some of the side effects to varying degrees, most commonly nausea, appetite suppression, facial flushing and dull headaches. These will typically become apparent within a few minutes of administration but can last for 1-2 hours. In order to combat nausea, an anti-histamine can be taken when injecting until the body gets used to it. But most common way to deal with this is to inject Melanotan before bed, this is also beneficial to combat any drowsiness.

• Male Errections Melanotan 2 also causes increases in libido and is often seen in conjunction with outwardly physical signs of sexual arousal whereby the male user experiences prolonged periods of increased blood flow to the penis. This particular side effect does not diminish in severity over time and instances of occurrence are to be expected throughout the period of MT-II use.

• Freckles/Moles Lighter freckles/moles and previously unseen moles may darken and become more visible with the use of Melanotan II. This can also occur naturally just by tanning; however, Melanotan II is known to speed up this process in some users. To reduce the chance of this effect you should initially not inject more than and 2-3mg of Melanotan II into your body between each tanning session as it's hypothesized that tanning evens out the concentration of melanin in the body and prevents it from accumulating in existing freckles/moles (which are natural concentration points for melanin). Similarly, to reduce the risk further, you can take a smaller dose and less frequent injections than is recommend and allow your tan to build more slowly. Any freckles/moles that have darkened during the usage of Melanotan II will usually fade upon cessation of use; however, the time for this to occur will be different for each user. To speed up the process you should also avoid UV exposure.

• Scarring Any unhealed scars or wounds may darken disproportionately compared to the surrounding skin when using Melanotan II. It is recommended to ensure all scars are healed fully before commencing Melanotan II usage. While using Melanotan II any slight skin abrasions (such as cuts and scratches) may also darken so you should ensure extra care is taken of your skin during this time.

• White Spots These spots represent damaged areas of the skin where there is only a small amount of melanocytes/melanin and are due to a history of sunburn. They become noticeable during Melanotan II usage as the surrounding skin darkens but are not caused by its usage. Similarly if you notice larger white patches this is indicative of a fungal infection, which can be treated with anti-fungal medicines such as Nizoral, and is not caused by Melanotan II usage but only made more apparent when your skin is tanned.

• Hyperpigmentation In addition to freckles and mole changes, there are fairly rare reports of a phenomenon called hyperpigmentation. The incidence of hyperpigmentation appears to be higher when Melanotan II is taken on its own and without exposure to the sun or sun beds. This is typified by blotches of darkened skin, normally much larger than regular moles. Not all incidences of hyperpigmentation are attributable to increased melanocyte activity even though their appearance may only become apparent during the use of Melanotan 2. This condition is specifically referred to as diffuse hyperpigmentation, with many possible underlying causes or disorders including Addison's disease, haemochromatosis, hyperthyroidism and certain medications which may induce phototoxic reactions.


You must be over 18 years of age to order or purchase from our website. You may not purchase this peptide for anyone who is under 18 years of age. Products are not drugs and have not been approved by the FDA to prevent, treat or cure any medical condition, ailment or disease. The purchaser is fully aware of the health hazards associated with these products and agrees that they are experienced in their handling.

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