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Administration and Injection - MT2 Australia

STEP 1 - MIXING THE SOLUTION Take your Melanotan vial and pop off the top of the vial to reveal the rubber stopper. Wipe with the swab. If using sterile injectable water or sodium chloride, twist off the top of the ampule Next insert a syringe into the vial/ampule and hold it upside down. Withdraw your water and inject it slowly into the Melanotan vial aiming at the side, not the powder. This make take several attempts based on the size of your syringes - with a 1ml syringe you will need to inject 2 full syringes of water into your Melanotan vial if mixing with 2ml of water. Place in the fridge for a few hours or overnight while the powder dissolves, you can swirl or tilt the vial to help. Some residue may remain.

STEP 2 –ADMINISTRATING THE SOLUTION Administering Melanotan is a very easy and painless operation and is best performed just before you go to bed to minimize any side effects that may occur (tiredness & nausea). Open a new syringe and pull the plunger back to number 10 on the syringe. Then take the solution from the fridge and insert the syringe into the rubber top and push the plunger to empty the air, then repeat (this will make drawing the solution out easier). Turn the vial upside down and pull the plunger until the solution reads at your specified dosage amount (for the first 2-3 days use 250mcg so your body adapts), ensuring the tip of the needle stays in the solution. Then flick the syringe to remove any air that me be in the syringe. Now find the fleshiest area of your stomach and then clean with an alcohol wipe. Now place the index finger and thumb about 2 inches apart on the cleaned area of skin and simply pinch. Take the syringe in your other hand, holding it like a pen 90 degrees to your skin, needle side down. Melanotan is injected into the subcutaneous fat which is the layer between the skin and muscle If you do not have enough fat and can only grab 1 inch of skin do your injection at a 45 degree angle to ensure you do not inject into the muscle. Now insert the needle with a swift motion until it is fully under the skin. Gently depress the plunger until all the solution has gone from the syringe and carefully remove it from your skin. Next gently hold the alcohol wipe on the injected area for 1 minute. You may feel a stinging sensation when injecting the solution this will subside quickly.

Try to use a different spot each time you do an injection to prevent any scars or skin changes and to try to make each spot at least 1 inch away from each other. If you experience a lump, swelling or bruising where the injection was that does not go away discontinue injection.

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